Norway condemns terrorist attack in Algeria

altMeeting the press late Saturday night, Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg condemned the terrorist attack on the Statoil/BP gas plant in Algeria. Sunday morning five Norwegian hostages were still unaccounted for.

Stoltenberg said many people from different countries have been killed in the brutal and senseless terrorist attack in Algeria.

- Still we do not know what has happened to five Norwegians, but we do know that those who returned home today have been marked by horrendous experiences. Our thoughts are with those who have been caught up in this nightmare, and with their loved ones.

- Over these last days and nights, we have focused on a single goal: To do everything possible – for the hostages and for their families. And we are continuing to do just that.

- We are devastated by the loss of life, but we must also allow ourselves a sense of relief over those who have been saved. Of the 13 Norwegians who were involved, eight have come away from the nightmare alive.

Stoltenberg said we must not lose hope for the five who are still missing, but we must steel ourselves for the possibility that Norwegian lives may also have been lost. Nevertheless, the efforts to help those five the five Norwegians who are still unaccounted for are continuing unabated, he said.

Stoltenberg confirmed that a few hours earlier, Algerian forces had taken control of the gas facility.

- This brought an end to one of the most brutal terrorist attacks against Norwegians abroad. I condemn this terrorist attack and all forms of terrorism.

- Norway will never give in to terror or to people who do not respect the rule of law or the principles of democracy. No one can confer on themselves the right to take lives and inflict suffering.

- We who believe in freedom and democracy must stand together in the fight against terrorism, the Norwegian Prime Minister concluded.

(NRK/Press release)