14,000 illegal immigrants pose security threat

Illegal residents14,000 foreigners who have false or unknown identities and that still reside in Norway is a security problem, according to Norwegian authorities. 14,000 individuals without legal residence permits have been ordered to leave the country, but still reside in Norway. Many of them in places unknown to the police.


Most of the illegal residents are regular asylum applicants who have had their applications denied, but 550 of them are convicted foreigners who were supposed to be deported.

More than 5,000 of the foreigners that have been ordered to leave the country are placed in Norwegian asylum centers. Although police do not want to say where the remaining 9,000 reside, they admit that they are not sure where many of them are at all times.

«Several of these individuals move around a lot,» says Cecilie Johansen, Head of Communication at the Police Alien's Office.

A recent report by the Directorate of Immigration (UDI), The National Police Immigration Service (PU) and the Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service states that the number of illegal foreigners with false or unknown identities that reside in Norway poses a great threat to national security.

The PU says that they do not know exactly how many of the 14,000 foreigners that have false or unknown identities. According to the report, authorities consider it likely that several individuals that are not registered or that have avoided a return to their home countries and no longer keep in touch with official authorities, may be connected to crime, both as victims and offenders.




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