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Norwegian-American author writes about self-determination


At 16, Helen M. Ryan told a Norwegian magazine that she wanted to write a book. Thirty years and 82 pounds later, Ryan shows her audience that dreams do come true.


"It is never too late to follow your dreams," Ryan says. The 46-year-old grew up in Gjøvik in Norway, and works as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, speaker and journalist in California.

She tells the story of how she moved to the U.S to go to journalism school, but left college to pursue a full-time job. "Writing took a back seat," she explains.

She had a husband and two kids, a successful career as a graphic artists with her own studio, but the job and everyday stress took its toll, and Ryan reached 90 kilos on her tiny 150 cm frame before she decided to take charge of her own health and life.

Her book, 21 days to Change Your Body and Your Life," tells the story of how she found back to her mental and physical well being, and ignited her passion for writing - and for living.

"Finally," she says, "I saw that I was eating away my own life waiting for the day I would die." It was through facing her father's death that she realized that she wanted to change.

Her book is in English (Ryan admits her Norwegian is a little "rusty" after many years abroad), and can be found on amazon.com.

Julie Ryland


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