All Norwegians are millionaires

All Norwegians are now millionaires, or so the statistics tell us. For the first time in history, each Norwegian owns on average assets worth NOK one million. The personal wealth of each of the 4.7 million Norwegians include value of own home, bank savings, savings in shares and other savings, minus personal loans. And the national oil fund is excluded.

- We have become two to three per cent richer every year over the past ten years, mostly due to the very strong increase in real income, says Geir Ormseth of the financial weekly Dine Penger to the newspaper VG.

Analysts believe that also next year the real income will increase by 3.5 per cent.

Ormseth says that the economic growth in Norway has never been stronger since the 1970s.

(Vaart Land/VG)

Rolleiv Solholm

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