Weaker Krone makes Norway more affordable for tourists

GeirangerfjordenThe Norwegian Krone has decreased in value over the past few months, which could make a holiday in Norway much more reasonable for both Norwegians and foreigners. 
The Norwegian Krone has lost value against the Euro, Dollar and Pound. This means that it will be more expensive for Norwegians to travel to the countries where these currencies are used, and cheaper for foreigners to spend time and money in Norway.

"Now we hope that both Norwegians and foreigners will spend their holiday in Norway," says Geir Steinar Vik, Head of Tourism in Ålesund and Sunnmøre. 

The development of the Krone in relation to other currencies indicates that more foreign tourists will come, and Norwegians will also get more value for their money by staying at home. 

"Traditionally we get a lot of tourists forom Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and the U.K. We hope that it will continue in 2013," says Vik. 

Because the dollar is stronger against the Norwegian krone this year, more Americans are also expected this summer. There has also been an increase in tourists from Russia.

"We have worked specifically on new growth markets, especially Japan, South-Korea and China." The Russian market has had a steady growth year by year, unaffected by the Financial Crisis in Western Europe, Vik explains to NRK.




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