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This abundancy of fish and the warm climate made it possible to sustain life for the early stone-age settlers and has given rise to prosperity for the local population over the countless generations ever since.

The World Championship in Cod Fishing takes place in the end of March and attracts fishermen from all over the world. As a partcipant, you pay your fees to enter. The organizing committee allocates all participants to individual boats on a random basis.


Once the competition has started, the fleet of bo ats races towards the fishing grounds. The boat that gets there first claim the best patches and the fishing begins. At the end of the day there are many possibilities for winning. You may catch the biggest fish, or the heaviest catch of fish. There are several classes, ranging from 'professional' to children, tourist, man or woman. There is a rigorous set of rules to be followed,- the most important being that you have to 'unhook' the fish yourself.

The main event takes place in Svolvaer

Spending a week-end in Lofoten during the WC in Cod Fishing also leaves you with time to capture a glimpse of the real Lofoten, as the locals keep on with their daily business. {mosimage}
Local boats enter the harbour. Catches are delivered to the many dealers/slaughterhouses. Each fish is sorted and inspected, tongues and heads are cut, fillets made and decisions made on what to send to the 'stocks' to be dried as stockfish, what to salt, and what to sell as fresh cod.Stockfish from Lofoten is sold as a delicasy all over the world, with prime markets in Italy, Spain and other Bacalao-eating countries. {mosimage}The stockfish is also consumed as a snack. In Norway it is mostly consumed as 'Lutefisk'. The cod heads are also dried, and milled for fish flour, - extreme rich in proteins. The tongues are cut from the heads and served as a delicassy.

The main event takes place in Svolvaer, the capital of Lofoten. If you feel like getting away from it all, you may visit the Island of Skrova where the local pub will serve you a beer, cod patties, and play music. Or you may go to Henninsvaer and visit Galleri Harr, The Lofoten House, the Aquarium and Stamsund. {mosimage}

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