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Ascension Day - a public holiday

Thursday May 14th, is Ascension Day in Norway, a religious and public holiday with regular church services.(Photo: Grue Kirke)


Throughout the month of May, Norwegians are often privileged with a number of 'extra' days off. 

This year it began with Friday, May 1st being Labour Day, with parades and speeches, a sort of practice day for May 17th, which of course is Norway's Birthday, our Constitution Day, with more and larger parades, and more and longer speeches, and games and competitions for the children.

This year, with Ascension Day on a Thursday, it is easy to take an extra day off and make a long weekend of it.

However, with May 17th on a Sunday this year, we lost one extra day off.

But then there is 2nd Day Pentecost, another public and church holiday, which is just another week away, on Monday May 24th. 

Another extra day off to enjoy the beautiful Norwegian spring!

(Norwayt Post)




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