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May 1st - Labour Day

Friday May 1st is also Labour Day in Norway, with parades and speeches, - and also a sort of practice day for May 17th, which of course is Norway's Birthday, our Constitution Day. Labour Day begins with the hoisting of the flag at the town square or another public spot, followed by parades and speeches, often by prominent Labour Party politicians, and with the placing of a wreath at a war memorial or other monument.


Unfortunately, part of the nation will not be able to enjoy the beautiful spring weather, suited for outdoor activities. Many will experience strong wind with rain, and even snow in the high lying areas. And temperatures remained low for the whole nation.

This year, it so happens, May 1st is on a weekday. In other words, we got an extra day off this year!

But that is not all. May has more! - Thursday May 14th is Asencion Day, a religious and public holiday in Norway.  Constitution Day, May 17th, is on a Sunday this year, but 2nd day Pentecost which is also a public and religious holiday comes on May 25th, which is a Monday!

(Norway Post)



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