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Easter in Norway - Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday (Skjærtorsdag) is both a religious and public holiday in Norway, with most stores and all public offices closed.


A large part of the Norwegian population seem to be able to take a week off at Easter, and the so-called "Easter Exodus" (Påskeutfarten) from the larger cities began already Friday before Palm Sunday. There was a second major exodus yesterday, on Wednesday.

On these days the line-ups on the roads are often very long, extra trains have been put up to accommodate all who want to avoid the roads, and most flights are fully booked long in advance.

With the most beautiful weather and skiing conditions in the south of Norway this year, most head for their mountain cabins or highland resorts. But for many, Easter is the time to open the cabin by the seaaside, rather than flocking to the ski trails in the mountains.

Others have decided to enjoy Easter at home, together with family and friends. And in the western part of the country, where there is less snow, many spend time making the garden ready for summer, while the marinas are full of people making their boats ready for an earlier than usual launching.

Others, tired of the long winter, have just packed up and headed for the sunny beaches in Spain, Turkey, Cyprus, Thailand or some other place, safe from those unpredictable March showers, which in Northern Norway turned into strong wind and some more snow this Easter.

(Norway Post)


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