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Readers prefer digital newspaper over print

online newspaperFor the first time, Editor-in-Chief of Aftenposten Espen Egil Hansen, concludes that the majority of their readers choose the digital version of the newspaper over print. The circulation figures for 2014 give grounds for optimism across the entire industry. 

"We now see proof that we can succeed with a business model where we charge money for content, regardless of the platform," Hansen explains to his own newspaper, Aftenposten.

The Norwegian Media Businesses' Association (MBL) presented the newspapers circulation in 2014 on Tuesday. For the first time even, both the print and digital circulation figuress were measured and compared. 

Whereas Aftenposten is Norway's largest newspaper with a total circulation of 222.000, VG is the most read newspaper. The latter has a daily average of 1,9 million readers online, and 1,2 million readers on its mobile platform. 

All newspapers show a decline in the number of the printed edition. For the first time in history, more people choose to read the newspaper online than in print. 60 percent of all Norwegian read at least one digital newspaper per day, whereas 58 percent read a print newspaper.

The biggest increase in readership can be found on the newspapers' mobile platforms. 54 percent of their online users enter the website from a mobile phone or a tablet computer. 




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