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Norwegian authors nominated for the Nordic Literature Prize

Norwegian authors Jon Fosse and Kristine Næss have been nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize for 2015.

"I am truly so happy about this," Jon Fosse says after being nominated for the Nordic Literature Prize 2015.

Fosse has been nominated for a trilogy that brings three stories about a young couple together: Andvaje, Olavs Draumer, and Kveldsvævd. The jury describes the trilogy as a "highlight of modern Norwegian fiction. Fosse is especially pleased that he has been nominated in the category for prose. 

"I have received several awards and have eventually become quite known, but mostly because of my screen writing. I feel just as much as a prose writer as a dramatist," Fosse explains. 

Kristine Næss is the second Norwegian nominee; she has been nominated for her novel Bare et menneske ("Only Human"). 

The prize is NOK 350 000, and the winners will be announced in Reykjavik on October 27. Two authors have been nominated from each of the Nordic countries, in addition to one author from the Faroe Islands, Greenland, the Åland islands and the Sami language region. 

The last Norwegian to win the award was Merethe Lindstrøm in 2012, who was nominated for her novel Dager i stillhetens historie.

(NTB/Aftenposten) Picture:Wikimedia






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