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Norwegian director wins People's Choice Award at Toronto 2014

Morten TyldumNorwegian director Morten Tyldum received the People's Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival for his Hollywood debut, The Imitation Game. 

The award is considered a key indicator of Oscar success. In the past six years, three of the films that won the People's Choice Award also won the Oscar for Best Picture. Several international film critics have already predicted that Tyldum's film reach the top in next year's Oscar's race.  

"Morten Tyldum is a nice, Norwegian director with messy, blond hair. I wished to call him Morty, in a joking New York-manner. But after seeing his film The Imitation Game there is nothing to joke about at all. Tyldum has made an extraordinary film," says American film critic Roger Friedman. 

Anne Thompson, who writes for the renowned website IndieWire, tells Aftenposten that Tyldum's film has a significant chance to "go all the way" and win an Oscar for Best Picture in 2015. 

The Imitation Game was produced with a budget of $50 million, and stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley. The wartime drama tells the story of cryptologist and mathematician Alan Turing, who broke the Nazis Enigma code during the second World War. Knightley plays his female colleague, Joan Clarke, who eventually married Turing. 

Historians have estimated that the war against Adolf Hitler was shortened by two years, and that 14 million lives were save as a result of Turing's efforts. Winston Churchill has said that Turing made the largest, single effort by any human being to end World War II. 




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