Oil prices continue to fall

oil rigsThe price of north sea oil fell to less than 46 USD per barrel on Tuesday. Analysts in the American bank Goldman Sachs claim that the price will go down even further before it hits rock bottom. North sea oil due to be delivered in a month was for sale at 45,74 USD on the London Stock Exchange on Tuesday. 


The price of WTI crude oil fell even more and was sold at less than 45 USD per barrel. 

Analysts at Goldman Sachs believe that the price of American crude oil can go all the way down to 39 USD per barrel within the next six months. The price of the northsea oil will also continue to decrease due to a saturated market, say the same analysts.

Despite the fall in prices Oslo Stock Exchange opened with a surplus on Tuesday, up 0,4 percent after 90 minutes of trade. 





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